• Accountants and tax advisers

    Accountants and tax advisers

      Audit notes and reports with qeS
      Submission of declarations of completeness
      EEG- Test certificates with qeS
      Sign contracts electronically in a legally valid manner

  • Electronic seal

    Electronic seal

      According to eIDAS - VO Art 35 II
      At the workplace and central server
      Seal card or remote sealing service possible
      Integration assurance after BSI TR RESISCAN

  • Personnel management §12 AÜG

    Personnel management §12 AÜG

      Temporary employment contract with qeS
      Legal security for lenders and borrowers
      Security of supply for temporary workers
      Process efficiency - Fast signing of AGV

  • Health service

      eDoctor's and discharge letter according to the e-health law
      Digital samples (6,10 and 10a)
      Patient admission and education
      Replacing scanning for TR RESISCAN

  • Banner Sign Live! cloud suite gears

    Sign Live! cloud suite gears

      Signature process for all devices
      Signature, seal and time stamp
      Single and batch signatures
      Smart card, HSM and remote signature

  • PDF / A - the archive format

    PDF / A - the archive format

      PDF/ A-1, PDF/ A-2 and PDF/ A-3
      Creation, validation and conversion
      Support of ZUGFeRD standards

Software for electronic signature, seals, timestamps, verification and preservation services

Intarsys offers high-quality and technologically leading software products and components for the generation and verification of electronic signatures, seals and time stamps as well as for the evidential long-term archiving of digital documents in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.


  Signature, seal and time stamp
  Qualified and advanced
  Local, remote and remote signature


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  Signature, seal and time stamp
  Protocol over API, HTML, XML or PDF
  On the client, server and on the web


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  RFC 4998 - Evidence Record Syntax Compliant
  Platform independent
  Secures the evidential value of electronic signatures


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Remote signature service

Sign Live! Nextcloud app

With the app, operators of Nextcloud platforms can use Sign Live! cloud suite gears all connected trust services available.



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 Replacing scanning for BSI TR RESISCAN

 Handwritten signature


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