Frequently Asked Questions - remote signature of the BNotK

Use of the remote signature service of the Federal Chamber of Notaries with Sign Live!

The new BNotK card will be in Sign Live! CC supported from version 7.1.11

In future, the Federal Chamber of Notaries will provide its signature certificates via the remote signature service and no longer via a personal signature card.
The authentication for signature creation at the remote signature service is carried out using a personal smart card.

This requires a completely new procedure for signature creation. This signature is not triggered via the signature device "signIT smartcard CC", but via "signIT BNotK". When signing in the signature assistant, please select the appropriate signature device. If the dialog for selecting the signature device is not displayed in the signature assistant, it has been hidden. Via "Show all pages" in "Extras > Settings > Signatures > Signature creation > Signature assistant" you ensure that all dialogs appear again the next time the signature assistant is called up.

  • If your signature certificate is not available in the "Choose Identity" dialog, please contact the Support of the Federal Chamber of Notaries and ask whether the qualified signature certificate is available.
  • If you are using a Reiner SCT card reader with an RFID function, you must switch off the RFID function so that there are no problems reading the authentication certificate on your card.

If you Sign Live! CC from a specialist application, please inquire with the manufacturer whether the new signature device has been connected.  

Created: 19.12.2022 - 13: 23
Stand: 07.02.2023 - 15: 05

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