Frequently Asked Questions - encryption and decryption

Notes on the subject of encrypted documents

Is a PDF-Document already provided with an internal signature, encryption using a password is no longer possible.
In order to effectively secure a document with a password, all user data contained in it must be encrypted. This process inevitably compromises existing signatures.


Created: June 2020
Updated: June 2020

Created: 09.06.2020 - 10: 21
Stand: 09.06.2020 - 10: 22

Basically applies to ANY Signature cards (also for follow-up cards!) From all signature card providers:
The “old” e-mails / documents were encrypted with your “old” public key and can therefore only be decrypted with your “old” private key (which is stored on your “old” signature card).

You will receive a new key pair with a follow-up card / new card. This new key pair cannot be used for your existing emails / encrypted documents.
It is therefore advisable not to dispose of the "old" signature card.

That a card has expired when decrypting DOCUMENTS with Sign Live! CC no influence. The expiry date of the signature card is displayed in Sign Live! CC only checked at the signature.

Status: January 2013

Created: 06.08.2015 - 12: 41
Stand: 23.12.2015 - 12: 03

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