DATEVmagazin, issue 12/2018

Post in DATEVmagazine, issue 12/2018 for DATEV- Qualified signature wizards

Since 2014, digital legal traffic has been in the EU legitimized by the eIDAS regulation. This created a standard for signing and notarizing electronic documents and thus legal security that you can use: Simply sign any documents with the DATEV- Qualified signature wizards.

Thats how it works:

You can start the wizard directly from any document in PDF- or Office file format via File | To press. The Qualified Signature Wizard printer is automatically loaded with the DATEVProgram derivativesDATEV Final audit / balance sheet report / consolidation / audit OR installed and available to you free of charge. With the signature software Sign Live! CC of DATEV-Interface partner intarsys AG you can now conveniently sign any document of your choice with qualified qualifications. Office files are saved as PDF/ A, which corresponds to the international standards of long-term archiving. PDF- Files only go through the signature process in order to rule out any loss of quality. You close the signature process by entering the PIN Your qualified signature card. The wizard offers a complete digitization of your business process by automatically filing your signed documents in your files and any target directory in a process-integrated manner or by transferring them to the document management system.

Your advantages:

  • Legal security in digital business
  • paper version of the documents is no longer necessary, easier archiving
  • sign regardless of time and place
  • electronic provision for clients

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