Nextcloud app for Sign Live! cloud suite gears

With the app, operators of Nextcloud platforms can use Sign Live! cloud suite gears all connected trust services available. Internal and external users can easily sign and seal documents in an advanced and qualified manner.


Remote signature service


Share and edit documents. As a complete local solution, Nextcloud offers the advantages of online collaboration without security risks.

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Remote signature service

Sign Live! Nextcloud app

Establishes the connection between Nextcloud and Sign Live! cloud suite gears. This means that all functions of the gears platform are available.

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Remote signature service

Sign Live! cloud suite gears

offers a range of functions for creating signatures, seals and time stamps that can be embedded in web applications.

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Remote signature service

Data security

Retain sovereignty over your data!

With Sign Live! cloud suite gears, the documents do not leave your server.


Use eIDAS-compliant trust service providers.

Signature formats according to ETSI Specifications CAof, XAdES and PAof

Device independent

Signature process for all devices HTML5- capable surface.

No plug-in or app required on the user side*.

Remote signature service

Remote signature services

  Documents stay in your Nextcloud
  sign me, AIS and yes possible
  On all devices without  APP

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Use of local certificates

  Signature cards of various VDA
  Windows certificate store
  Sign Live! cloud suite bridge

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Electronic seal

  Central qualified seal card
  AIS Remote sealing service
  Qualified Seal ID

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Advanced and qualified signatures and seals in Nextcloud

Specifically, the Nextcloud plug-in enables personal signatures with advanced or qualified certificates, via a remote signature service such as sign-me (D-Trust) or AIS (Swisscom) or an identity broker like yes®. In addition, the solution also allows a personal signature with a smart card or the Windows certificate store at the workplace.

In addition, the plug-in offers the qualified and advanced seal signature with seal card or via a remote seal provider as well as the hybrid signature. This involves capturing the lettering in combination with a certificate-based signature.

* To use a local smart card or the Windows certificate store, Sign Live! cloud suite bridge necessary to realize communication between browser and certificate. Sign Live! cloud suite bridge is available for Windows.