Electronic signature with Sign Live!


No matter how simple or complex the signature processes are, whether individual electronic documents are only occasionally to be signed or tens of thousands of signatures are required, with Sign Live! CC you don't need to compromise. You have just the right software at a price that fits your budget.

Sign On Any Device

You can create signatures at any suitable point in your workflow, in web applications, at the point of sale or directly in PDFDocuments. The flexible signature software Sign Live! CC offers many possible uses as a client and server variant or in the cloud and is available on common operating system platforms (WIN, Linux, MAC) and can run in virtualized environments.

You can use standard signature cards, the electronic health professional card or SuisseID. Other international smart cards, eTokens, hardware security modules (HSM) or "Remote Signing (All-in Signing Service)" are also possible.

All specified signature formats (CAof, PAof, XAdES) for qualified and advanced electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, as well as the signature types according to the PDF- And PDF/ A specifications are available.

Minidrivers are available for problem-free use of the signature and authentication function in standard components such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. CSP, PKCS# 11 and TokenD integration to choose from.

Easy to check

Electronic signatures, seals or time stamps are reliably checked for document integrity as well as validity and authenticity of the certificate status and via trust lists. If necessary, a validation test report is created in different output formats.

In addition to signature creation and verification, Sign Live! also the certificate-based encryption and decryption of any files with different encryption methods and key lengths.

Secure and reliable

The basic components of Sign Live! CC are according to Common Criteria EALs 3+ certified and by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) approved. All software components in production at Trust Centers are in accordance with the Federal Law on Qualified Electronic Signature (ZertES) and the European standard ETSI TS 419.241 (server signing) certified.

To ensure future expansion of functionality, intarsys works closely with trust centers and crypto hardware manufacturers and is involved in national and international working groups and committees.

No matter which Sign Live! Variant You start, you can be sure that you are Sign Live! can adapt to your requirements. We have more than 20 years of experience and best practices in the development and implementation of successful signature processes as well as extensive experience in technically demanding projects.

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application scenarios

  Contracts and documents that require the written form

  eDoctor's letter, findings, blank forms (e.g. sample 10) and patient information sheets

  Signature creation in conjunction with eANV systems (NachwV)

  Temporary employees (§12 AÜG)

  Electronic communication in the judiciary (JKOmG, ZPO)