Sign digitally - from anywhere, anytime

Faster, more automatic and more efficient signing - so that more time remains for the relevant topics in the company. d.velop sign makes this possible.

“We quickly realized that there is a lot of potential in the digital signature. Intarsys was able to help us with the signature solution Sign Live! cloud suite gears provide very competent help. This means that we can focus on further expanding the solution. "

Paulo Pereira, Product Manager

d.velop AG

d.velop AG

As a software manufacturer from Gescher, we have developed a product that provides a solution for paperless signing. The product digitally maps the analog signature process and thus enormously reduces the time required for signing. The digital signature makes it permanent & sustainable resources, money and time saved. The implementation is done with appropriate IT-Support of the intarsys.

Digital signature

Description & challenges of the desired solution

The solution currently consists of an initial selection of functionalities. It is possible to map the digital signature process, including the creation of a qualified electronic signature. The signature creation process and the connection to a trust service provider presented us with a challenge. Developing these components independently would have taken a lot of effort. In order to be able to act quickly despite low resources, the decision was made deliberately to go with the intarsys solution. This maps the entire signature creation process and ensures the smooth integration of a trust service provider, in this case Bundesdruckerei. This enabled us to enter the market early with the d.velop sign product and did not have to develop the entire process independently.

Key points of the solution & project features

The electronic signature from d.velop sign represents the last piece of the puzzle in an end-to-end digitization and thus creates the final digital transition of paper-based processes.

In addition, the high process & Resource costs for paper-based documents and processing times reduced by sending them digitally.

We use the Sign Live! cloud suite gears the intarsys one. Sign Live! enables remote signatures to be carried out. You can choose between applying the signature in the form of a signature field or a signature stamp. The signature field can be drawn out with the mouse button and positioned anywhere in the document. The signature stamp is generated automatically and has a fixed position in the document.

d.velop sign provides the different signature types defined in the eIDAS regulation, the simple signature, advanced signature and qualified signature. For the qualified signature, which is legally valid and the equivalent of a handwritten signature, the signatory must authenticate himself to Bundesdruckerei using a VideoIdent procedure or the online ID function. Therefore, the connection to a trust service provider is inevitable. All three signature types are integrated in the d.velop sign solution as standard. An important point is that no hardware components like TAN Generators or signature pads are required for signing so that the remote signature is fully mapped. In addition, the user has the option of documents via mobile phone, tablet and the PC retrieve.

By using Sign Live! clous suite gears, the product could be set up quickly and brought to market at an early stage. Early market entry makes it possible to collect feedback on a regular basis in order to identify and implement customer needs.


  • Sign on the go and on any device
  • Encrypted documents with the highest possible level of security
  • Compliance with data protection
  • Complete electronic processes - paperless work
  • Faster processes through minimized processing times
  • APIs for seamless integration
  • Save paper, printing and follow-up costs through paperless transactions
  • Legally valid and equivalent to a handwritten signature with the qualified electronic signature
  • Documents are structured according to status
  • The qualified signature is integrated into the solution as standard
  • Easy integration into the existing workflow
  • No hardware components necessary for authentication


Why intarsys?

Sign Live! In the d.velop sign product, clous suite gears includes the sub-process of signature creation and the connection of different trust services and trust service providers. The solution means that prefabricated process parts can be used with little development effort. Sign Live! provides the electronic trust service provider chosen by us, Bundesdruckerei, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. In addition, intarsys takes on the further development, maintenance and support work for this signature application. For us, this means great time savings and relief in the first stage of development. The Sign Live! provides further features that not all of us were used. Further information can be found on the following page:

More about Sign Live! cloud suite gears

About d.velop AG

D.velop AG Headquartered in Gescher, Germany, develops and markets software for the end-to-end digitization of business processes and industry-specific specialist procedures and advises companies on all aspects of digitization. With the expansion of the established ECM-Portfolios for document management, archiving and workflows on mobile apps as well as standardized and custom SaaS solutions, the software manufacturer also offers managed services. Legal security and compliance with legal requirements are guaranteed thanks to sophisticated compliance management.

d.velop provides digital services that connect people with each other, as well as comprehensively simplify and redesign processes and procedures. This is how he helps ECM-Specialist companies and organizations in developing their full potential.
A strong, international network of around 250 specialized partners makes d.velop Enterprise Content Services available worldwide.

d.velop products - on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid operation - are currently in use across industries by more than 8.900 customers with over 2,1 million users; including Tupperware Germany, eismann Tiefkühl-Heimservice GmbH, Parker Hannifin GmbH, Nobilia, Schmitz Cargobull, FingerHaus GmbH, the city of Wuppertal, Basler Versicherung, DZ Banking AG, the Saarland University Medical Center or the Greifswald University Medical Center.