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Signature solutions for the judiciary

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Management solutions

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BSI TR RESISCAN for administration, authorities and justice

For documents of a government agency and in the judiciary, the legal security of electronic documents plays a major role. For this reason, the legislature gave with § 371b ZPO public authorities the possibility of transferring state-of-the-art public documents into an electronic document. As state of the art we use the BSI Technical guideline 03138 Replacement scanning (TR RESISCAN) based on. In the generic scanning process, the TR RESISCAN the document preparation, the scanning, the post-processing and finally the integrity assurance are considered.

Intarsys solutions support the implementation of TR RESISCAN in post-processing, for example with PDF/ A Live! and with ensuring integrity Sign Live! CC. The intarsys products offer the unique possibility of integrating the transfer note into the scan product in accordance with international standards and adding a signature.

Sign Live! CC Option TR RESISCAN corresponds to the requirements of the integrity assurance of this guideline.

There are administrative regulations for public administration that explicitly stipulate a technical solution for precisely this procedure. The use of electronic signatures in the scanning process with sample inspection enables legally compliant electronic archiving without additional paper filing.

Signature solutions for the judiciary

Electronic right-hand traffic

Electronic legal transactions regulate the legally binding electronic submission of process declarations and other documents in judicial and public prosecution proceedings.

Electronic documents should (e.g. Section 130 a Code of Civil Procedure) or must (e.g. Section 52 a Tax Court Regulations, Section 55 a Administrative Court Rules) be provided with a qualified electronic signature as a replacement for the manual signature. This makes the authenticity and the integrity of the transmitted electronic document trustworthy and secure for the recipient to check.

Sign Live! CC offers the user-friendly application for signing and checking documents for the respective user group such as judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, bailiffs and judicial employees.

In order to ensure optimal and easy use, Sign Live! CC integrated in justice software and also the basis of branch bundles.


By the Law to reform the clarification of facts in foreclosure (ZwVollStrÄndG) and thus with the change in Code of Civil Procedure Section 802d renewed information on assets As of 01.01.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX, there are many changes in the processes of the bailiffs.

One of them is the widespread use of electronic communication media. In order for the bailiff's electronic communication to meet the necessary data security and authenticity requirements, the legislature provides for the bailiff to use qualified electronic signatures.

TeleSec supports its customers in implementing the reform of the clarification of facts in foreclosure. Besides the changes in the software GV Büro System, a holistic strategy is being pursued in order to provide Workshop Software GmbH customers with a solution to implement the reform. This also includes a package to support the qualified electronic signature with certificates from TeleSec and Sign Live! CC by intarsys.

 Implementation of the reform

Management solutions

ELAN-K2 Application for auditors

From the application year 2015, the application must be submitted electronically via the portal set up by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.
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The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides further information on this on his homepage: "... That's why this looks BAFA setting a dated Wirtschaftsprüfer authorized electronic copy of the audit report / certificate including the annexes from the company to be audited in the form of a PDFDocument (in the file formats PDF, P7M or P7S - other file formats as well as simple and advanced electronic signatures are not accepted by the system) in its electronic filing platform (ELAN-K2) in front. For authorization this is PDF- To provide the document with a qualified electronic signature by the auditor ... "

To meet this requirement, auditors need a signature application component such as Sign Live! CC, a signature card, and a card reader.

With Sign Live! CC the required signature formats can be generated easily and conveniently on all common operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux). More to Sign Live! CC see ours
 Product description.

The signature application component Sign Live! CC can be obtained directly from our