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amexus enables electronic signatures in SharePoint

amexus enables electronic signatures in SharePoint

With amxSIGN for Office 365, tedious signature processes are a thing of the past. The solution relies on the functionalities of d.velop sign, which Sign Live! includes cloud suite gears from intarsys.

Classic document signatures delay processes, are lengthy and error-prone. Here the document has to be printed, signed, scanned and stored again in a storage location. With amxSIGN for Office 365 from amexus, this complex signature process is a thing of the past. The application has been available to interested users since the beginning of May 2020 and enables digital signatures directly from Microsoft SharePoint.

Signing digitally made easy

amxSIGN for Office 365 is the solution for the so far incomplete end-to-end process due to the media disruption in signatures. The solution now enables documents such as contracts, invoices or protocols to be signed digitally and directly in the SharePoint application. There are three different signature types available for users: the simple, the advanced and the qualified electronic signature.

Manufacturer amexus relies on the digital signature solution d.velop sign from the ECM provider d.velop, with which users can sign electronically anytime and anywhere. The long-standing partnership between the two service providers has resulted in a strong solution that finally makes media breaks in signatures a thing of the past. d.velop sign forms the basis of the signature process, which in turn supports the Sign Live! cloud suite gears from intarsys AG.

Advantages of the signature solution

The simplified signature process results in practical advantages for users. For example, you do not have to familiarize yourself with a new tool, since the signing works directly from the familiar SharePoint interface and all the legal requirements of the EU according to the eIDAS regulation Fulfills.

At the same time, requesting signatures from other people, whether internal or external, is quick and easy with amxSIGN for Office 365. This saves a lot of time and money. Finally, there is no need to print out, sign and scan the respective document again.

Get to know amxSIGN for Office 365

Would you like to get to know the application? Then visit https://store.d-velop.com/de/amxSIGN-for-Office-365/10001786.1.

About amexus

amexus Informationstechnik has been developing and implementing tailor-made IT solutions for large and medium-sized companies in a wide variety of industries since 1992. Individual advice and excellent implementation with high-quality components are in the foreground. The result is powerful architectures and satisfied customers.

The focus here is on leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, Sage, Nintex and d.velop. The know-how of the amexus employees, who undergo intensive further training and have their skills regularly certified, is therefore also well-founded.

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Qualified electronic signature: ECJ ruling of February 29.02.2024, 25 A current ECJ ruling specifies the interpretation of Article XNUMX of the Regulation (EU)...