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Founded in Pratteln in 2005 intarsys (Switzerland) Ltd (vormals CABAReT Solutions AG) war eines der ersten Unternehmen, die Java-Bibliotheken und Java-Anwendungen für die Erstellung und Bearbeitung von PDF-Formularen entwickelt hat. Primäres Ziel dabei war, papierhafte Prozesse medienbruchfrei elektronisch abzubilden und PDF-Formulare anstelle von Vordrucken in Dokumenten-Worflows zu integrieren. Für die elektronische Signatur sowie für die long-term archiving gemäss PDF/A wurden Softwareprodukte von unserer Partnerfirma intarsys GmbH verwendet.

Our products are carefully designed and developed and offer the highest performance and reliability. We support all major platforms with full Java™ support, including Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora and others), Mac OSX and others.

As a small, highly focused company, we are flexible enough to develop customized and needs-based solutions that fit customer needs in terms of licensing and implementation.

Our solutions for media-free electronic business processes enable you to exploit major savings potential in your company. You also create security for your electronic documents.

General Manager

Fritz Tschan
Telephone: +41 (0)61 821 56 81
Email: fritz.tschan at