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Electronic signature and digital signature software

Electronic signatures can now be triggered mobile, for example via smartphones or tablets. The private signature key is generated on secure servers of a qualified trust service provider.

With mobile signature (remote signature), documents can be signed electronically in a matter of seconds, conveniently and cost-effectively. The electronic signature ensures proof of authorship (authenticity) and protection against manipulation (integrity) of electronic documents and enables digital business processes without paper or other hardware.


The Swisscom All-in Signing Service is a solution for legally signing documents and data online; regardless of the device used (desktop PC, tablet PC, server or smartphone) or time and place (at work, at home or on the go). Personal certificates are issued “on demand” and used for advanced or qualified electronic signatures. The On Demand Signature essentially corresponds to the term “Validity Assured Certificates” as provided for in the ETSI standardization.

The signature software Sign Live! CC handles connection establishment, hashing and transmission, PDF/A compliant signature embedding (CMS), embedding validation information (CRL/OCSP), and timestamping. This allows customers to create Long Term Validation (LTV) signatures that are compliant with ETSI TS102 778 (PAdES) and ETSI TS101 733 (CAdES).

The expression of intent to sign is done via the Swisscom Mobile ID, the secure two-factor authentication (possession and knowledge) with the mobile phone or by means of OTPwd generation.

Use with Mobile ID

Use with OneTimePassword