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Digital signature processes at Diehl Aviation

In the success story, read how Diehl Aviation digitizes hundreds of thousands of signature processes on EASA Form 1 certificates with SAP, based on a solution from SEAL Systems AG, and the qualified electronic signature (QeS).

About Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation is a sub-group of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG and bundles all aviation activities of the Diehl Group under one roof. Diehl Aviation, which also includes Diehl Aerospace, is a leading systems supplier for aircraft system and cabin solutions. The portfolio includes avionics and cabin equipment including galleys, sanitary solutions for aircraft, fire protection, water supply and air conditioning.

the initial situation

Aviation law certificates are necessary in the planning, production and maintenance process as evidence for supervisory authorities. Special proof of compliance with safety standards and quality standards must be provided for each component.

Previously, these certificates were printed out on paper at Diehl Aviation. However, for some time now it has been possible to submit the certificates electronically to the supervisory authorities. With the advancing digitization throughout the company, this area should now also be completely digitized.

The project


When implementing the project, certain requirements of the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) had to be met. The LBA prescribes the qualified electronic signature (QeS) for digital documents.

All information processed in the course of creating the signature remains under the complete control of Diehl Aviation at all times. D-TRUST Multicard signature cards from Bundesdruckerei and USB card readers are used for this. It is guaranteed that this method can basically be used for every form.

The entire processing and communication now controls the Digital Process Factory® (DPF) from SEAL Systems. The DPF is a development and runtime environment for designing and controlling processes to manipulate information, data, files and documents.

The advantages at one glance

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Qualified electronic signature: ECJ ruling of February 29.02.2024, 25 A current ECJ ruling specifies the interpretation of Article XNUMX of the Regulation (EU)...