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Sign Live! CC Linux 64-Bit V 7.1.12


Version number: 7.1.12
Date: 29 January 2024
Filesize: 180.30 MB

Please consider before installing Sign Live! CC 7.1.12 the release notes.

Notes on the changes made compared to the previous versions can be found in the Release notes. A migration guide for Sign Live! CC see  here.
If you need support with migration and/or installation, please email us for a quote sales@intarsys.de .

Please note:

    • Sign Live! C.C.C is for Linux expressly only for server operation tested and released.
    • In principle, installation in the same directory as the previous version is possible. However, this only applies if the setup is executed directly. This is the only way to ensure that directories are cleaned up and the application works.
    • If the update is distributed via a central software package that only contains the new files, the old version must first be uninstalled or the directory emptied.

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