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Sign Live! CC validation client Sparkasse Edition 64-bit


Version number:
Date: June 1, 2023
Filesize: 125.25 MB

The use of this software is free of charge for Sparkasse customers and is only available for the Windows operating system and for max. 10 test reports per day offered. Please contact your savings bank for details.

Note on first installation

  • We recommend installing the Sign Live! CC SPARKASSEN Edition accept the defaults during setup.

Note on update

  • If you are the Sign Live! CC SPARKASSEN edition version 7.1.10 may have in use installing the update to the version be in the same directory. As a rule, the settings of the previous version are adopted during the setup. In this case, the update is automatically carried out in the correct directory.

License Term

  • The license for the Signlive! CC SPARKASSEN edition has a term until 30.06.2024

General remark

  • The installation file (exe file) of our software is signed. However, in Windows 10 you will get the security warning "The computer is protected by Windows". Please click on "More information" and then on the button [run anyway].
  • The Sign Live! CC SPARKASSEN edition is checked against viruses. If you still want to check the integrity of the installation file, please proceed as in  the FAQ described.

Important Notes on Using Sign Live! CC can be found in our FAQs:   FAQs

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