Signature creation

Substitute scanning for BSI TR-RESISCAN

The technical guideline BSI TR-03138 (TR-RESICAN) of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) aims to create a technical and organizational framework, taking into account economic efficiency, in order to reduce legal uncertainties when scanning paper documents.


Sign Live! CC option TR-RESISCAN implements the specifications of this guideline with regard to integrity assurance and also offers the possibility of visual inspection and embedding of the transfer note in PDF/A documents.

Sign Live! CC option TR-RESISCAN supports all required kryptographic mechanisms such as the qualified electronic signature or the qualified electronic seal according to the OrdinanceRegulation (EU) No. 910/2014 and the standardized signature formats

The use of a central seal certificate is also supported via the use of Sign Live! cloud suite gears supported.

Sign Live! CC Option TR-RESISCAN supports all cryptographic mechanisms for integrity protection:

    •  Advanced signature
    •  Qualified signature
    •  Qualified electronic seal
    •  time stamp

Special solution for PDF/ A:

Configure Sign Live! CC according to your protection needs analysis TR-RESISCAN:

    •  Type and scope of the visual inspection (sample inspection)
    •  Stack and convenience signature at the workplace, mass signature on the server
    •  Timestamp generation en casa or by service provider
    •  Flexible embedding of the signature process in your scanning environment (File pollingSOAP, ActiveX, command line)

Sign Live! CC Option TR-RESISCAN offers an administrator view for configuring the processing steps as well as an operator view restricted to the required functions. This enables the scan operator to process packages of documents, Visual checks for quality assurance carry out, sign and provide further process steps.

The productive use of Sign Live! CC Option TR-RESISCAN was impressively demonstrated, for example, with a large German scanning service provider in a project in which several hundred thousand paper documents were scanned and qualified with signature.

General conditions BSI TR-RESISCAN

There are legal requirements for public administration, the judiciary or the health care system that explicitly stipulate a technical solution for precisely this procedure (Section 371b ZPO, § 7 EGovG and many others). By using the qualified electronic signature during the scanning process with sample inspection, legally compliant electronic archiving is made possible without additional paper filing. Sign Live! CC Option TR-RESISCAN corresponds to the specifications for BSI TR-RESISCAN for this processing step.