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Digital administration of Rhineland-Palatinate 2023


Shaping the years of change - employees and authorities on the way to the 4.0 age

The digital transformation is in full swing. This transformation process has also shaped the working environment of most employees in the administration of the state and municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate for years - with increasing dynamics. Because the effects of the corona pandemic have permanently underlined the importance of digital processes and procedures and triggered an additional innovation boost. This applies both to the so-called front end, i.e. the digital face of the administration to citizens and companies, and to the work processes in the authorities. This simultaneous development poses many challenges for employees and authorities, but also offers enormous potential in the coming years to improve government service delivery and raise it to a new level.

In order to shape these years of change in such a way that employees and authorities master the path into the 4.0 age in the best possible way, three “Cs” are required: competence, communication and cooperation.

The congress "Digital Administration Rhineland-Palatinate" wants to offer a platform to promote the professional exchange and networking on the diverse and multifaceted topics and challenges across organizations

intarsys is represented as a company of the procilon GROUP and takes part in the event and the specialist forums.


themes of the event

    • digitization strategies
    • Digital citizen services
    • Digital administrative processes
    • IT cooperation
    • Innovative technologies
    • digital skills
    • Change management
    • Smart City
    • IT security

target audience

    • Public administration
    • Politics
    • Science
    • IT and consulting company

The first customers use digital process structure for holistic workflows Hollern, Karlsruhe and Taucha, November 07.11.2023th, XNUMX - The companies GekoS mbH from Hollern in Lower Saxony and procilon