You have received a new signature card. Before you can use this to create a signature, it must be initialized, i.e. activated.
Depending on the trust center, individual PINs are awarded.

You will receive the signature card (Telesec) or the PIN-letter (D-TRUST), an indication of which software you can use to initialize your card.
This initialization is also with Sign Live! CC possible provided you have Sign Live! CC licensed. The following tutorials are available for this:

Please note:

After the initialization, an acknowledgment of receipt must be sent to the trust center. Only then will the certificate of your signature card be included in the directory service and a signature created with this signature card can be validly validated.

  • To activate a D-TRUST-Signature card please use the  SMS-TAN-Procedure the D-TRUST.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt to the  telesec you can submit online or offline. Please navigate on the page of the TELESEC all the way down.


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