In collaboration with the DATEV became the product Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition developed. You can find important information under the following links:

Learn how to digitally seal and sign an audit report as well as further links to the DATEV Marketplace:

Post in DATEVmagazine, issue 12/2018 for DATEV-Wizards for qualified signature:
Practical information from WPK on the subject Electronic examination notes and reports:

In the service video "Qualified digital signature of reports“The complete signature process is described in detail.

In addition to the signature software, you also need a signature card and a card reader. You can get the signature card at the D-TRUST (Federal Printing Office) under acquire. We recommend as a card reader PURE SCT RFID comfort.

To ensure that the signature from the DATEV-Environment it is imperative that the Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition installed. Access to this version is set up individually.

The Order process of the Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition you can under trigger.



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