With Sign Live! CC are electronic signatures according to international ETSI - Default (PAdES) and can therefore also be checked by other applications that support this standard. This also includes Adobe Acrobat Reader.

In spite of this, signatures based on certificates from German trust service providers and with Sign Live! C.C, are sometimes not displayed as valid by Adobe Acrobat Reader. This has various causes for which Adobe and the respective trust service provider are responsible:

  • Deutsche Telekom AG (telesec)
    The older Telese signature cards use the ECDSAAlgorithm with brain pool curves. These are not supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader and can therefore not be checked. Telesec signature cards, the issued after February 01, 2021 were based on a different algorithm which is recognized by Adobe Reader. An update of the Adobe Reader may be necessary.
  • DGN German Health Network Service GmbH
    The one from the DGN generated for verification OCSP-Response is signed by a different root certificate than the end-user certificates used. This is according to eIDAS VO as permitted, but only to a limited extent with the ETSI-Standards compatible. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not support this method, which is why revocation checks cannot be carried out successfully here.
    An update from Adobe Reader can possibly help here.

If you need more detailed information on the verification of signatures in Adobe Acrobat Reader, please contact Adobe Systems GmbH or your trusted service provider.


Status: April 2021
Generated: October 2017

Created: 12.10.2017 - 13: 53
Stand: 24.06.2021 - 10: 11

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