The PIN-Modification mechanism of Sign Live! CC only allows numbers to be entered by default. The certificates of all German trust centers are of such a nature that the personal PIN - to create a qualified electronic signature - must consist of numbers. The ones from BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) certified card readers are also designed for entering numbers.

In contrast to German signature cards, signature cards from Switzerland allow an alphanumeric PIN to. This one PINs not suitable for creating qualified signatures according to SigG are, the use of alphanumeric PINs of Sign Live! CC not offered. Would you still like to Sign Live! CC for initialization (creation of individual PINs) from Swiss signature cards, please proceed as follows:

  1. Turn the safe PINInput from. (Menu "Extras> Settings> Signatures> Signature devices> signIT smartcard").
  2. Start Sign Live! CC and select the menu item "Tools> Smartcard Tools> PIN-Management".
  3. Select the certificate you want and click on "Initialize".
  4. After following the instructions in the next FGWhen you have read it click on "Complete".
  5. In the next window click on the switch "Input via keyboard".
  6. Open any text editor and type the one you want PIN .
  7. Highlight the entered PIN and copy them using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ C.
  8. Switch to Sign Live! CC and add the new PIN with the key combination CTRL+ V in the "new PIN"And" new PIN repeat "a.
  9. Confirm your entry by clicking the "Finish" button.

Please note:

  • That this only applies to signature cards from Switzerland, since German signature cards only allow numbers.
  • Before using alphanumeric PINs you should consider that the creation of qualified signatures according to the German SigG with alphanumeric PINs is not possible.

Status: January 2015

Created: 13.08.2015 - 11: 47
Stand: 14.11.2017 - 16: 01

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