For validation, it should be specified in the application that a revocation list check is carried out and - if this fails - with a OCSP-Check (online status check) all certificates are to be checked for blocking. With this setting, Sign Live! CC delivered.

  • If a document is not validated despite having a valid signature, check the settings. To do this, open the settings dialog (menu item "Tools> Settings"), navigate to the "Signatures> Signature Validation> Certificate Validation " and answer the question "Which certificates should OCSP being checked?" with "All certificates".
  • Please make sure that the check boxes "Blacklist check" and "Online status check" are activated.

Checking the signature again should produce a valid result.

Various trust centers have canceled the check by blacklist, most recently Telesec on June 30.06.2015, XNUMX. These trust centers are currently taking effect OCSP-Responder back.


Status: April 2016

Created: 13.08.2015 - 10: 37
Stand: 28.04.2016 - 14: 21

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