When opening very large files, the Sign Live! CC or PDF/ A Live!-Application not enough main memory available (error message: ... "Java heap space"). The log provides information about the maximum amount of memory Java requires of the operating system. For example:
[2019.11.20-09: 29: 57.818] [I] [ditools.logging] [executor singleton] [] maxmemory = 477626368

First, check that the operating system can actually provide that much memory for Java. Operating system and other applications also require memory!
If there is enough memory available, please gradually increase the memory complained about by Java.

So put in the Sign Live! CC or PDF/A LIve! application more memory available:

  • Copy the fileINSTALLATION DIRECTORY> \ demo \ vmoptions \ more memory \* .vmoptions1 toINSTALLATION DIRECTORY> \ bin.
  • Start the Sign Live! or PDF/A Live! application New.
  • If the working memory is not yet sufficient, the value in the vmoptions file can be edited with an editor and the value can be increased to -Xmx2048m, for example. The maximum value depends on how much RAM is available on your computer.

Important note:

  • For operation as a Windows service, the signlivecc_service.exe file must also be created with identical content.

1) The name of the vmoptions file depends on the operating system used.

Created: 08.06.2017 - 13: 47
Stand: 08.07.2022 - 13: 50

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