If trust center to a new one PKI By changing the infrastructure, it can happen that signatures that were created with very new signature cards are not validly validated. This is due to the fact that the new Trusted Lists (TSL) and / or root CAs were not yet implemented at the time our software was released.
The Update of the trust lists in Sign Live! CC these signatures are validated again.

  • Via menu item Tools> Certificates> Update Trust Lists trigger the update of the trust lists manually.

In server installations it makes sense to have the update triggered time-controlled. To do this, adapt the preconfigured service container:

  • Via menu item Tools> Services> Service Container Management  Configure the schedule of the "Trusted List Update Scheduler" service container and automatically trigger the update of the trust lists:

    The setting "Start automatically" is important:


Updated: September 2021
Created: March 2020



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