Signature solutions for the doctor's office

  •  Signature solutions for general practitioners and specialists
    •  Electronic doctor's letter (eArztbrief)
    •  In accordance with funding under the eHealth Act.
  •  Supports the electronic health professional card


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Solutions for clinics and MVZ

  •  Electronic discharge letter
  •  Electronic patient information
  •  Replacing scanning for TR RESISCAN
  •  Evidence-proof long-term archiving


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Solutions digital sample, laboratory communication

  •  At the workplace and web solution:
    •  Digital pattern 6 and 10 with qeS
    •  Electronic findings with qeS
  •  Filling in and reading out PDF-Forms


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Health service

Family doctor, specialist and clinic: A patient is often not treated in one place. This results in x-rays, laboratory reports, findings and other documents that the patient either has to transport himself from one treatment location to another or that the patient and the treating doctor often have to wait a few days for their delivery by post.

In order to carry out this electronic communication quickly and securely in the future, the draft bill of the eHealth Act provides for the promotion of electronic doctor's letters (eArztbrief) and discharge letters for service providers.

The solutions from intarsys support:

  • Qualified signature with electronic health professional ID of generation 0 (eHBA G0)
    • Promotion of electronic doctor's letter
    • Digital pattern 6, 10 and 10a with PDF/A
  • Electronic patient admission and information for complete documentation
  • Evidence-proof scanning of documents TR RESISCAN with seal certificates
  • Audit-proof long-term archiving through time stamp and re-signature

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