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Electronic discharge letter Electronic patient informationReplacement scanning according to TR RESISCAN Evidence-proof long-term archiving

Electronic discharge letter

Hospitals have so far created their discharge letters in paper form. The electronic discharge letter works in principle like the electronic doctor's letter from KV-Connect and can be used independently of the hospital information system used. It contains at least the following information:

  • Diagnoses,
  • Findings,
  • Therapeutic measures,
  • Medication upon discharge from hospital,
  • Reason for dismissal and
  • indicated rehabilitation measures.

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BSI TR RESISCAN for service providers

From the regulations of the BSI TR RESISCAN the following criteria result for the design of the storage of medical documentation:

  • File inspection (patient),
  • Therapy assurance,
  • Fulfill the accountability of the doctor,
  • Assignment of responsibility as well
  • Evidence and preservation of evidence.

In addition, the BSI TR RESISCAN Notes on the protection needs analysis for administrative documents in terms of "integrity":

  • Integrity:
    Any invisible change could affect the course of current or future treatment and possibly affect the patient's health and life.
  • Authenticity:
    The authenticity of the original - and, if applicable, of the data objects derived from it during the scanning process - is of great relevance for possible damage compensation processes.
  • Completeness:
    The value of a file results from the totality of the individual documents it contains. This is of paramount importance for patient records.
  • Traceability:
    It is of the highest relevance for the proper medical documentation and retention requirements.

From this the following can be derived for the integrity:

  • Integrity: signature
  • Authenticity: qeS better than timestamp

The solution:

intarsys supports the implementation of the TR RESISCAN in post-processing, for example with PDF/ A Live! and with ensuring integrity Sign Live! CC. The intarsys products offer the unique possibility of integrating the transfer note into the scan product in accordance with international standards and adding a signature.

Sign Live! CC with TR RESISCAN optional corresponds to the requirements of the integrity assurance including the transfer note of this guideline.

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Audit-proof long-term archiving

The preservation of evidential value of qualified electronic signatures according to § 17 SigV requires the use of qualified time stamps. Other securing means, such as B. the storage on write-once data carriers, do not meet the requirements of the regulation for regular re-signature.

The solution:

With ArchiSoft, signatures and thus documents retain their evidential value indefinitely and can continue to be used reliably in court in disputes. In addition, ArchiSoft can be combined very easily with existing document management and archive systems and requires very little additional storage space.

If you use ArchiSoft from the start, you can assign a trustworthy time to each document and thus meet the requirements of the Schlierseer Memorandum.

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