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intarsys provides Nextcloud app for Sign Live! cloud suite gears ready

With the app, operators of Nextcloud platforms can use Sign Live! cloud suite gears all connected trust services available. Internal and external users can sign and seal documents in a simple, advanced and qualified manner.

As a free platform for storing and distributing documents, Nextcloud is ideal for easy team collaboration. The solution can be operated on its own server and offers the option of publishing directories or individual documents via a link. In this way, they are also available to external users.

Sign Live! cloud suite gears offers users components and functions for creating signatures, seals and time stamps that can be embedded in web applications or web service environments. On this basis, Sign Live! cloud suite gears is an on-premises platform for the application of electronic trust services in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.

Qualified signatures in Nextcloud

The Sign Live! Nextcloud App now establishes the connection between Nextcloud and Sign Live! cloud suite gears. With this, Nextcloud users have all functions of the gears platform available and can be used in a purely on-premise solution via configuration. Of course, you can also operate the entire solution in the cloud.

Specifically, the Nextcloud app enables personal signatures with advanced or qualified certificates, via a remote signature service such as sign-me (D-Trust) or AIS (Swisscom) or an identity broker like yes®. In addition, the solution also allows a personal signature with a smart card or the Windows certificate store at the workplace.

In addition, the app offers the qualified and advanced seal signature with seal card or via a remote seal provider as well as the hybrid signature. This involves capturing the lettering in combination with a certificate-based signature.

Free trial and download available

To use the Sign Live! Nextcloud App no ​​further components are required on the clients. You can also operate and use the application on the move.

The app is available to test and download free of charge at intarsys.de.

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