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intarsys supports the digital company stamp "Qualified Seal ID"

intarsys supports the digital company stamp "Qualified Seal ID"

Just in time for the product launch of the Qualified Seal ID from D-TRUST, a company of the Bundesdruckerei Group, intarsys has approved the use of this certificate in its signature software Sign Live! Approved

Digital processes are now the order of the day in administration. From time to time, however, there is still a problem with these, because the processes lead back into the analogue and this creates a media break. This happens, among other things, when documents have to be sealed. In these cases the document is printed out, sealed and then digitized again. This is not only inefficient, but also significantly more complex than a purely digital process.

With the digital company stamp, the Qualified Seal ID, this media break can be avoided. It guarantees the integrity of digital documents and proves that a document originated from the sender and has not been tampered with. 

Since the entry into force of eIDAS regulation supports Sign Live! the qualified electronic seal from various trust service providers. Qualified seals, however, require appropriate conditions of use on the part of the user. In all processes in which the authenticity and integrity of a document is to be ensured by an organization and no legal validity is required, these special conditions of use are often not justified. For such applications, the Qualified Seal ID now represents the appropriate alternative. It is an advanced seal based on a qualified certificate. The great advantage of a qualified certificate is that it is free of charge against the EU Trusted List can be validated.

Easy delivery and integration into business processes

Providing the Qualified Seal ID takes place as a soft certificate for use in client and server environments. In contrast to a signature or Seal card Neither card reader nor other middle or hardware are required.

The Qualified Seal ID already in the current versions of Sign Live! CC from version 7.1.7 and Sign Live! cloud suite gears from version 8.6.1 can be used. 

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