License model

intarsys has more than 20 years of experience in licensing software and is therefore aware of the importance of sensible, easy-to-apply license terms. Our goal is to find the right solution for our customers while ensuring that the composition of our products offers real added value.

The intarsys license model represents a fair price-performance ratio that is transparent for the user and partner. Here, the performance of the intarsys software used is taken into account as well as the type of implementation depth at partners.

We know that our standard license terms cannot meet all needs. Therefore, we encourage our potential customers to contact us directly and inquire about individual license requirements.pulvinar dapibus leo.

License terms

Based on the intarsys EULA (End User License Agreement) we offer our software in three classes:

A paid license is required for each system running at the same time. Examples: A hot-standby system requires its own separate fee-based license, since it is used at the same time as the productive system. No additional license is required for a cold-standby system.

Licenses for end customers

Tobe offered:

Integration Partner Licenses

Tobe offered:

Licenses for OEM partners

Tobe offered:

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Runtime license for server and web applications

A runtime license is required for each productive server and its hot standby. The license is valid for 12 months and is commissioned for at least 36 months with annual payment. The runtime license includes maintenance and support for the respective product. The runtime license may be based on:

Desktop Applications License

A desktop license is required for use on a productive workstation, regardless of the number of users on this workstation. The term of the license is unlimited. It should be noted here, however, that intarsys will not provide any updates for the purchased license unless the software maintenance has been commissioned. This means that without completing the software maintenance, the desktop licenses for new versions have to be purchased again. intarsys does not sell desktop licenses directly without completing the software maintenance. The desktop license is based on:

Integration Partners receive Sign Live! CC Desktop Licenses. Completing the software maintenance is mandatory for the integration partner.

Demo license for test and development systems

A demo license for test and development systems is made available to potential customers and partners exclusively by intarsys. The demo license is generated for a limited period (end of the quarter) for the corresponding products.

The demo license is free and is available on the personal area of ​​

Maintenance for desktop and server applications

With the completion of a software maintenance, customers have immediate access to the latest product versions and improvements. Stay up to date at all times:

Software maintenance is contracted by customers for a minimum of 36 months and is billed annually. Integration partners commission the software maintenance for each customer for at least 24 months.

intarsys provides this service in accordance with