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(Karlsruhe, February 16.02.2023, XNUMX) For notaries, lawyers and tax consultants, valid signatures are an important prerequisite for their daily work. Ease of use and state-of-the-art technology are therefore important for the acceptance of the signature solutions used. intarsys GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, is now responding to these requirements with the new version of the signature software Sign Live CC!. Lawyers, notaries, auditors can use it & Co. the new one Remote signature service of the Federal Chamber of Notaries (BNotK) use now.

As an eIDAS-certified trust service provider, the Federal Chamber of Notaries introduced the card-based remote signature with the so-called authorization card last year and all customers were subsequently converted to the new procedure. For the user in daily operation, this means that only one PIN for registering and attaching qualified signatures. A separate signaturePIN is therefore no longer necessary.

Remote signature directly from Sign Live! CC

However, users who are not notaries can also benefit from this. For example, lawyers, employees in the judiciary or bailiffs have been using the intarsys signature solution for a long time. With the new version 7.1.11 of Sign Live! CC and the support of the remote signature service of the Federal Chamber of Notaries, they can now also use the innovative intarsys technology. Another major advantage for users is the possibility of using the remote signature service outside of the applications of the Federal Chamber of Notaries.

At the same time, the daily work for many law firms, notaries and the judiciary, as well as bailiffs, who use Sign Live! CC already use as an integration component in their special applications, simplified. You can Sign Live! CC of course also install without integration on your desktop and each PDF sign with it.

Download new version

The current software version of Sign Live! CC! can be found at https://www.chipkartenleser-shop.de/intarsys/sign-live-cc. intarsys customers can download the corresponding update here .

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