Supply and disposal

Axians IT Solutions GmbH

Axians IT Solutions GmbH

With the web technology from intarsys, Axians IT Solutions GmbH (formerly Fritz & Macziol) a new web-based eANV form for its eANVportal. For the first time, the qualified electronic signature based on Sign Live! CC cloud suite workflow components used as a browser solution.

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iS Software und Beratung GmbH & Co.KG

Software for the energy and water industry

The WinEV® product is an industry-specific complete solution for supply and disposal companies and supports the processing of business processes for supplying customers with electricity in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Network Agency. The scope of services also includes the intarsys software for secure e-mail communication including encryption and qualified electronic signature.

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A / C / S® Efficient waste management - the leading solution for the waste and recycling industry

Especially for companies in the waste disposal industry, Q-SOFT a software to optimize all business processes. The formula for integrated itSystem solutions in the municipal and commercial waste disposal and recycling industries are called A / C / S®.

Over 100 customers all over Germany trust in A / C / S®. With the constant implementation of new functions, we maintain our market leadership - every day anew. Current examples are the assessment of waste fees, the fully automatic weighing operation and the linking of the communication infrastructure with the material flow within the plants.

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