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Alfresco is free document management software for electronically stored documents. In addition to the standard functionality, the current version offers the option of managing web content.

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Ceyoniq Technology GmbH

Ceyoniq Technology GmbH

For more than 30 years, Ceyoniq Technology GmbH has been a manufacturer of cross-sector, intelligent software solutions in the fields DMS, ECM & EIM based on the information platform nscale. With the help of this modular, scalable and highly flexible information platform, complex business and communication processes can be optimized in companies and authorities, data can be upgraded to valuable information and documents can be archived in a revision-proof and conclusive manner.


d.velop AG

The d.ecs sign software uses a middleware (broker) from intarsys, which for the first time enables different signature application components (SAK) to address them in a standardized way and to encapsulate their functions. This means that complex functions of a SAK easier to use.

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docuvita GmbH & Co. KG

docuvita is a highly modern, powerful document management system with which you can easily merge data from a wide variety of sources and manage it in a central location.

docuvita offers numerous useful features for improving your teamwork, more efficient work with documents, better traceability when creating documents and for legally compliant archiving.

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ELO Digital Office GmbH

The Sign Live! CC The signature component is standard in all three product lines ELO Integrated document management systems. This is the easiest way to sign documents and store them in an audit-proof manner. In particular, the legally compliant documentation and administration of electronic invoice processes is child's play.


INFINICA was founded in Vienna in 2006 with the aim of developing high quality standard software products for the document management sector. We concentrate on the areas of document composition, workflow and output management (document distribution).


rubicon IT GmbH

rubicon successfully supports its customers in solving business-critical challenges through the use of future-oriented information technology and comprehensive support in all project phases.

Rubicon products and projects improve business processes in central, company-critical areas and must therefore meet the highest quality requirements. This challenge is taken into account with agile project implementation, the most modern development tools and highly qualified employees.

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SEAL Systems AG

SEAL Systems is the market leader in output management. PLOSSYS®netdome and gXnetplot are available as output management solutions for Office, CAD, PLM, DMS and ERP Installed over 1100 times worldwide. Additionally has SEAL Systems developed tools for the professional generation and conversion of graphic data formats from many uses and applications.

The Corporate Conversion Server is a powerful conversion engine that automatically carries out all file conversion requirements company-wide. Using flexible interfaces, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing ones IT-Integrate landscapes. Numerous additional functions, such as the signature, time stamp and seal, round off the scope of services.

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windream GmbH

windream GmbH

Windream GmbH develops and sells this ECMSystem windream. The company currently employs 100 people and has a worldwide partner network of around 250 sales, integration and cooperation partners in Europe, the USA, South America and Africa.

Customers include well-known and internationally operating companies such as Bilfinger Noell, the DFS German air traffic control, the Deutz AG, Swisscom AG as well as the king & Bauer AG.

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