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AB + M GmbH

AB + M GmbH

AB+ M delivers sample and order data acquisition from a single source. In the AB+ M-Cloud, all orders from different systems are processed in such a way that only easy-to-process partial orders are transferred to the laboratory system. This bundling of processes saves you time and prevents loss of information.

The portal solution corresponds to all medical information systems available on the market. Structured processes in the doctor's practice and in the laboratory are explicitly supported. With a click of the mouse, the entire range of the laboratory can be ordered with a high level of ease of use in different display variants. Laboratory orders are electronically available long before the sample material arrives at the laboratory.

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Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH

Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH

Deutsche Telekom Clinical Solutions GmbH is the manufacturer of the iMedOne® hospital information system

iMedOne® customers can send discharge letters and other medical documents with Sign Live! CC conveniently qualified electronic signing and then sending electronically.

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Elekta Ltd

Elekta is a healthcare company developing breakthrough and critical innovations and clinical solutions for the treatment of cancer and brain disease. The company develops highly complex, modern tools and systems for treatment planning in radiation therapy and radiosurgery, as well as software systems to improve processes for the entire range of cancer treatments.

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With innovative solutions for the healthcare sector and a broad portfolio, i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH Health service provider of all disciplines in the optimization of processes and the development of a networked health system. We rely on our proven solutions ClinicCentre, BusinessCentre, RadCentre, LabCentre and InfoCentre.


medavis Medical Information Systems GmbH

medavis Medical Information Systems GmbH

medavis develops future-oriented software solutions that optimize the radiological workflow, improve patient care and at the same time increase profitability.

Medavis customers can send doctor's letters electronically via KV-Connect send and receive. The Karlsruhe software house has with its radiology information system (RIS) for practices and hospitals the test procedure for the application and thus the audit of the KV Telematik GmbH successfully passed. The doctor's letters can be sent within the RIS with Sign Live! CC Convenience signature can be qualified electronically with the eHBA.

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mg.softech GmbH

mg.softech GmbH

Specialist in the development of web-based claims management and assessment software in the automotive, healthcare and finance sectors.

  • Software Development
    Development of web-based, platform-independent software solutions
  • Software consulting
    Consultation for IT-supported optimization of business workflows
  • Software service management
    Maintenance, care, redesign and integration of software solutions


MIND-QM is an integrated organizational tool that

  • is characterized by a consistently simple operation
  • is consistently geared towards your everyday work
  • only offers the functions that you really need via modules
  • imports program and content updates fully automatically

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OSM Group and ixmid GmbH

OSM Group and ixmid GmbH

As a company of OSM Group, ixmid GmbH is a specialist in clinical communication and intelligent networking.

ixserv offers economical solutions for secure and effective data exchange between highly specialized systems within a clinic. ix.connect ensures seamless and secure electronic communication of orders and findings between medical practices and laboratories.

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