jPod is a Java based library for reading, manipulating, writing and rendering of PDF. jPod supports the manipulation of PDFDocuments on COS-and PD-Level, AFM and TrueTypes fonts, incremental writing of files, and parsing of files that deviate slightly from specification.

jPod is licensed and distributed under the terms of the BSD-License agreement.


JPod renderer

jPod Renderer is based on jPod and is a complete, field-tested component for displaying PDFDocuments in Java. He supports everyone PDF-Font types, all common image formats and can also be expanded with adapter components for any output system. Adapter for A.W.T. (Abstract Window Toolkit) and SWT (Standard Widget Toolkit) are included.

jPod Renderer can be easily integrated into your own viewer or into web applications. The powerful software can be based on the LPGLicense, version 3, can be used.

Commercial use is possible and is supported by a very simple licensing policy.

Further information and the download link can be found in the Open source area from intarsys.

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