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Digitize HR management

Digitize HR management

and employment contracts easily via Sign Live! Sign CC

  1. Digital, fast and direct
  2. legal certainty
  3. Independent of time and place

Would you like to digitize certain HR processes? Such as signing employment contracts, temporary employment contracts and much more?

This often requires a qualified electronic signature. We have the right solution for you:

This often requires a qualified electronic signature. We have the right one Solution for her:

Sign Live! CC at the workplace or on the server and as a web service Sign Live! cloud suite gears!

It is used for signing:


The law regulating the leasing of workers regulates the legal relationship between the lender and the borrower and requires the written form for the leasing contract for workers as well as for the necessary additional agreements between them Section 12 (1) sentence 1 AÜG.

The completion of the Employee leasing contract in electronic form is therefore only possible with a qualified electronic signature.
A temporary employment contract must be signed before the start of the activity, which is why this can be fulfilled much more efficiently with a qualified electronic signature in terms of time and place.

The working conditions between the borrower and the lender must be documented in accordance with the Evidence Act. This must be signed, but expressly excluded in electronic form, Section 2 (1) sentence 3 NachwG.

This change in the law on temporary work requires a process-efficient solution from April 01.04.2017st, XNUMX AGV-Signed by lender and borrower.

One possibility to meet these requirements promptly, economically and legally is an electronic workflow using the signature software CC.

contract worker

Unlimited employment contracts can be formed in any form. at Written form is required for fixed-term employment contracts (Section 14 (4) TzBfG). According to § 126a BGB a written form requirement can be met by using a qualified electronic signature. Whether the replacement in the case of an employment contract with a time limit by the QUESTIONS permissible is controversial and not yet dated BAG been decided.

The employer's obligation to document the essential contractual terms is listed in the Evidence Act ("NachwG") and set out in writing and signed by both parties, see Section 2 (1) sentence 1 NachwG.
Here, the use of the electronic form is expressly excluded, § 2 para. 1 sentence 3 NachwG.

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By using signature software in your vendor management system, for example, you can save long paper shipping routes and sign documents digitally: such as the application for parental leave, reintegration contract, job application, job reference, personnel file and much more.

This allows you to digitize your HR processes more and more.

Advantages of the signature software Sign Live! CC:


 With a qualified signature HR-Signing documents is absolutely legally secure

 Sign Live! CC enables digital signing with a qualified electronic signature

 When using our signature software, everything is legally compliant EU-VO eIDAS and VDG

timer light (1)

 Documents that are subject to time pressure can be signed quickly and independently of location

 Temporary employment contracts are often concluded at short notice and must therefore be able to be signed quickly

coins-light (1)

 Material costs, printing costs, shipping costs ... they are all a thing of the past

 Unnecessary costs can be avoided

 Investment in the signature software that pays off

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 Avoidance of material waste & CO2 Emissions when transporting the letters

 For a better & more innovative future

More about Sign Live! CC

 Quali fi ed electronic signatures in accordance with EU-VO eIDAS and VDG

 Long Term Validation for PAof-, CAdES and XAdES signature formats

 Single, batch and convenience signature, remote signature

 use of Smart cardsHSM and signature services

 Simple workflow with direct email dispatch (CoSiMA)

 Certificate examination after eIDAS familiar with the EU trusted lists

 Available for operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

 Simple installation & Service

 Versatile integration options via standard interfaces

Creation of signature, seal and time stamp

 LTV signatures for long-term archiving raise

 Embedded chain of trust, timestamp and revocation information (OCSPCRL)

 Extending the lifetime of existing signatures

 Embed signature validation information (DSS)

 Approval and Certification Signature im PDF- or. PDF/A document

 Apply individual, freely selectable signature image display (side, size, color, position, text, logo, background image, etc.)

 Read information from the certificate and attach it visibly

Cryptographic Providers

 Windows certificate store

 Smart cardsUSB-Token and chip card reader according to data sheet.

Validation of signature, seal and timestamp

 Qualified and/or advanced electronic signature, seal and timestamp in accordance with EU Regulation eIDAS, Trust Services Act (DE) and CertES (CH) check

 Signature status display with detailed validation result

 Create extensive test report in PDFXML- and HTML- Format acc. OASIS DSS

 Extract the signed version (revision) of the document

 Operating system independent certificate and revocation list management

Services and Miscellaneous

 Printing service to create a PDF-Documents

 Add, delete and open attachments of various file formats

 PIN-Management for signature cards (initialization, change, reset)

Signature software required for both parties:

About employment contracts, employee leasing contracts or others HR-Signing documents quickly and cost-effectively usually requires signature software on both sides.

Sign Live! CC Integration into a vendor management system:

There is also the possibility of implementation in a vendor system. You can find a concrete example of this further down.

More information for your desired platform

For which personnel processes do you need our signature software?

Temporary work software

So that customers receive the qualified electronic signature for contracts according to §12 AÜG manufacturers of temporary employment software integrate Sign Live! CC simply in your application.

borrowers and lenders

Borrowers and lenders can join in without special specialist application Sign Live! CC create simple workflows and contracts according to §12 AÜG provided with a qualified electronic signature.

Sign Live! CC contains interfaces and functions for:

    •   Integration as PDF-Printer
    •   File system monitoring

Personnel service provider

Personnel service providers can use Sign Live! CC add your own solutions and thus your customers the qualified electronic signature for contracts according to §12 AÜG provide.

Regardless of whether it is a lender or a borrower, with our signature software Sign Live! CC you will be able to digitally sign employee leasing contracts faster in the future. 

If you are already using a vendor management system, then contact us and we will implement our signature software in your system.

Permanent employment contracts can be formed in any form and do not require a handwritten or electronic signature. Only fixed-term employment contracts are subject to the written form (§ 14 Para. 4 TzBfG). The handwritten signature can be digitally replaced by a qualified electronic signature in order to do justice to the written form. That this is permissible is still controversial and should therefore first be discussed with the responsible consultants.

Today it is often offered remotely or through a card signature via qualified trust service providers (qVDA) in Europe. Qualified electronic signatures are always created by a certified qualified electronic signature creation unit. This is provided by the qVDA. The basis for the qualified electronic signature and the activity of the qVDA is uniform throughout Europe EU-Regulation eIDAS.

With our signature software Sign Live! CC you can provide all employment contracts with a qualified electronic signature. 

Would you like to digitize further HR processes and need signature software for this? Contact us and we'll discuss how to use our Sign Live! CC integrate into your system. 

In order to be able to sign documents online simply, quickly and cost-effectively in the future.

No matter whether you want to sign employment contracts, temporary employment contracts, other HR documents or even everything together quickly and digitally in the future: Contact us today!

We will be happy to help you and find the right subscription model for you.

Example of an implementation with Sign Live! CC

Temporary staffing software and vendor management system solution

Quick and easy alongside implementation in classic temporary work solutions such as HR4YOU-eTemp, the qualified electronic signature (eSigning) is also available in the vendor management systems (HR4YOU-VMS) for use. Here the MSP (Managed Service Provider) the ATContract in the order and sends it to the supplier who signs it. After a successful signature, the HR4YOU-VMS the signed and checked AGV-PDF and informs the rental company or customer. The HR4YOU-Software solution provides both the customer and the supplier with the contract signed on both sides; no additional software is required for this. Batch processing (several contracts with one PINInput) is possible.