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The Federal Chamber of Lawyers (BRAK) as well as the German Lawyers Association (DAV) recommend in a publication, when submitting briefs from the beA of a professional training company, to sign the briefs electronically in a qualified manner in order to establish a direct personal reference. With Sign Live! CC already has a signature application component available today that meets all of these requirements. focuses on user practice around trust services. With this guide we want to make a contribution to the correct use of the services and in this article we have compiled the most important aspects and answers on the subject of digital signatures for practical use. You can access the entire blog post here


The corona pandemic and its consequences reveal how important the digital processing of contracts is for the functioning of everyday processes. Remote work and the increase in collaborative work via long-distance communication and tools have become an integral part of the modern working world. And cross-border business transactions are also increasing - the simultaneous presence of contractual partners to sign documents is no longer the standard case. This means that in various contexts, questions about the digital processing of orders, contracts and evidence arise again and again. The use of trust services and the use of various electronic signatures according to the eIDAS regulation fulfill a...


First distributors of all types of packaging filled with goods (including transport, return and deposit packaging) must register and provide information on their packaging. Also new is the obligation for final distributors of filled service packaging to register, even if they are purchased as part of the system. Registration and login takes place using a qualitative signature, which you can configure using our Sign Live CC solution. You can find more information on the leaflet. To our leaflet


Case study by D-Trust shows the use of the e-seal at the AOK (PresseBox) (Karlsruhe, May 04.05.2022th, 2015) Health insurance companies have been pioneers for many years when it comes to digitization. Because, on the one hand, they have to serve the concerns of millions of insured persons every day, and on the other hand, they are obliged to be transparent with official inspection bodies and ministries. The AOK already relies on digital processes in many places. Together with D-Trust GmbH, SEAL Systems AG and intarsys GmbH, AOK has now also introduced the e-seal as integrity protection for electronic documents via its IT system house, AOK Systems GmbH. Flexible architecture enables interfaces to electronic seals Since XNUMX, the AOK...


Nextcloud starter pack for Sign Live! cloud suite gears offers easy access to the legally compliant electronic signature of documents With the signature software Sign Live! cloud suite gears from intarsys GmbH allows internal and external users to sign documents online in a legally compliant manner. intarsys offers an attractive starter package for anyone who wants to start digitizing their documents and is already using Nextcloud. Digitally sign easily and quickly The Sign Live! Nextcloud App, operators of Nextcloud platforms now have access to all connected trust services to be able to sign or seal documents in an advanced and qualified manner. All you need is Nextcloud for sharing and editing documents, Sign...




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