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Lecture by Albert Potocsnik, University Clinic Cologne, on the digital signature in the patient admission on the occasion of the Bitkom eIDAS Summit 2019. The lecture gives an overview of how the following project goals were achieved: Implementation of a legally secure, electronic patient admission documents brought by the patient should be scanned.Other work for admission staff should be possible be low Here you get to the lecture.


Oracle has revised its license terms for its Java distribution. After that, updates for the commercial distribution of Oracle JAVA SE 8 will no longer be provided free of charge from February 2019. Oracle specifically writes: End of Public Updates of Java SE 8 Java SE 8 is going through the End of Public Updates process for legacy releases. Oracle will continue to provide free public updates and auto updates of Java SE 8, until at least the end of December 2020 for Personal Users, and January 2019 for Commercial Users. Source: So that the users of Sign Live! and PDF / A Live continue to incur no license costs for a Java distribution, we will in future provide these with the free ...


May 14.05.2019, 29, Author: Nadine Voccia, Source: i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH From May 31th to 2019st, 100, i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH will present innovations around the radiology information system (RIS) RadCentre at the XNUMXth German X-ray Congress in Leipzig . As a fully digital, holistic diagnostic platform, RadCentre helps radiologists to secure their lead in digitization. The highlights of the solution include a new tool for importing and creating report templates for structured reports, the RadCentre Dose View dose management system, the e-doctor's letter dispatch for legally compliant radiological reports and an evaluation tool for monitoring relevant key figures for health insurance billing. With RadCentre as the digital heart of radiology, i-SOLUTIONS supports ...


With the possibility of digitally signing contracts and other documents, you gain a completely new perspective on your documents. You can see your open tasks at a glance, jump directly to contracts and see the documents. Thanks to the clear presentation of a modern web interface, no contract is left lying around or buried on the desk. Thanks to the cloud-based, secure access, you can access your documents while on the move and edit them or even send new contracts. So you are no longer tied to your desk or office. You work where you are. Learn more


In this blog post, Torsten Pfeiffer from SEAL Systems AG outlines some use cases for the digital signature and how SEAL Systems AG integrates this into your business processes. Full evidential value for contracts and business communication Business partners do not always agree. And not every disagreement can be resolved bilaterally. It is all the more important that the counterparties have the same information base. The digital signature sustainably preserves the authenticity of business documents. In addition, it is considered to be legally equivalent to the manual signature. It thus creates maximum liability for everyone involved and is an essential component for business processes that are free of media disruption. SEAL Systems ...




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