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The developers from 11A presented their latest web platform for digital temporary employment contracts for the German temporary work sector at the Personal Süd trade fair in Stuttgart. The developers from 11A presented their latest web platform for digital temporary employment contracts for the German temporary work sector at the Personal Süd trade fair in Stuttgart. At, personnel service providers can use the qualified electronic signature and a card reader to conclude legally valid digital temporary employment contracts with their customer companies within 5 minutes. The feedback from the personnel service providers was consistently positive - annoying customer trips to sign the contract before the start of the assignment are no longer necessary. At the same time this is ...


Karlsruhe, April 19, 2017, at this year's conhIT, from April 25 to 27.04.2017, 4.2 in Berlin, intarsys will present signature, seal and time stamp solutions according to the EU regulation eIDAS for health IT. In Hall 105, Stand E-XNUMX, visitors can see how PDF documents can be used in the Sign Live! CC can be electronically signed with the remote-triggered signature of Bundesdruckerei. With the sign-me remote signature service from Bundesdruckerei, the second signature service in accordance with the ETSI specification is now available in Sign Live! In addition to the All-in Signing Service from Swisscom! CC available. The special thing about this solution with Sign Live! CC is that the PDF document for the signature does not have to be handed over to the trust service provider, only his ...


On March 29.03.2017, 355, the Federal Cabinet passed the law implementing the EU's eIDAS regulation. The heart of this article law, the "Trust Services Act", facilitates the use of electronic trust services, such as B. the "digital signature". They offer a technically high level of security, a high level of legal evidential value and they enable citizens, authorities and companies to conduct EU-wide business and e-government services cost-effectively, easily and without paper. You can find the press release of the BmWi at… You can find more information and practical application examples here (PDF: XNUMX KB).


Karlsruhe, March 27, 2017, with the publication of the BSI Technical Guideline 03138, Replacing Scanning, the possibility was created to protect the integration by means of cryptographic mechanisms through an electronic seal according to Art. 3 No. 25 of Regulation (EU) No. 910 / 2014 (eIDAS) to be provided. In this way, in addition to the integrity, the authenticity of the corresponding data objects (eg scan product, transfer note) can also be ensured. As the first German trust service provider, Bundesdruckerei has been making such a seal certificate according to eIDAS available on smart cards since March 20.03.17, XNUMX. Sign Live! CC supports this seal certificate both in the workplace and in the server solution. "We are now happy to provide a solution to the market ...


The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) published the “Technical Manual for Digital Forms in PDF / A Format” on February 15.02.2017, 1.04.2017, thus giving the go-ahead for digital use of the forms. From 1.07.2017/10/10 the radiological teleconsultation and from XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX the laboratory examination (sample XNUMX and sample XNUMXA) can be transmitted digitally. The digital samples contain the representation and storage of human and machine-readable content in a PDF form. With its software products, intarsys offers manufacturers of practice management software (PVS) or laboratory information systems (LIS) solutions for filling, filling out and signing PDF forms and for machine reading out the digital information for further processing. The necessities...




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