intarsys: Your specialist for electronic signature, authentication and PDF / A

Started in 1996 as a consultancy for the development of object-oriented software in the banking sector, intarsys in Karlsruhe has meanwhile become one of the leading manufacturers of software and solutions for everything to do with electronic signatures, authentication and PDF/ A developed.

By replacing paper forms with intelligent PDF-Forms initially became a consistent one in the course of customer projects PDF Library developed in Java, with the help of which PDF-Documents and forms could be generated, filled out and edited. These are also available as open source PDF The library under the name jPod still forms the basis for the Sign Live! and PDF/ A Live! Lines.

At the beginning of 2000, intarsys began developing an interactive one PDFApplication called Sign Live! for form processing, which in particular should include the option of a qualified electronic signature so that the form processing process can actually be designed electronically. With the BSI-Certification 2008 for Sign Live! CC intarsys became one of the few providers in Germany who could present a signature application component certified according to Common Criteria. The combination of standard-compliant electronic signature, smart card and crypto token use and PDF-Integration form the backbone of intarsys core products.

To underline this, intarsys has been actively involved in international standardization in the field for years PDF and PDF/ A as well as electronic signatures ISO and ETSI With. As one of the first members in the PDF Association, the international manufacturer association around PDF, is intarsys through its managing director Dr. Bernd Wild is also represented on the organization's board of directors and is responsible for the technical working group PDF/ A also the areas PDF and electronic signature as well as the healthcare and aerospace industries. “We did it ISO-Default PDF/ A to be established in the German and European market within a very short period of time, ”explains Dr. Bernd Wild, “especially for intarsys the combination of PDF/ A with electronic signatures, which are an integral part of the standard like no other document format. ”It does not matter whether it is advanced or qualified electronic signatures or time stamps. With the application base Sign Live! CC all signature forms specified by established standards are seamlessly supported. So z. B. in the eANV area (note: disposal area) the XML-Signature after XAdES standard is used in clinical environments or public administration, however, plays the PDFSignature after PAdES or the deposited signature CAdES a role.

Web-based signatures

Almost all trust centers in German-speaking countries are intarsys customers, as are large companies such as Lufthansa Technik, T-Systems, Swisscom and Bundesdruckerei. But doctors, bailiffs, lawyers, clinics and medical laboratories have also been relying on signature and signature technology for years PDF-Software from the Karlsruhe solution specialist. The focus of application has changed noticeably in recent years. While independent signature programs were initially required on the end devices of the users, the need is changing more and more in the direction of web-based signatures. With the adopted in 2014 and effective in mid-2016 eIDASOrdinance, in Germany in particular, completely new perspectives arise in the direction of server-side signatures in which the user no longer needs to have a smart card, but rather a server-side secure signature creation facility SSEE in the form of a HSM (Hardware Security Module) is used to generate legally valid, qualified signatures. This means that the signature process can be triggered by the user in the browser, from their individual application or from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The processes, components and modules required for this have been integrated into the Sign Live! CC Cloud Suite bundled and can be flexibly combined depending on the application.

Intarsys has supplied essential components of the new All-In Signing Service from Swisscom, with which customers can quickly and easily sign or time stamp their documents and files without having to deal with smart cards, card readers and drivers. And this both in mass operation in companies with a high volume of documents and on-demand for private individual signatures. The secure authentication is carried out in a very innovative way using the mobile system established in Switzerland ID with the SIM card of the smartphone. Another advancement from intarsys on the PDF/ A area is currently causing a stir. This is the implementation of the ZUGFeRD standards of the forum electronic invoice Germany FeRD within the scope of the product PDF/ A Live !. "The creation, testing and processing of ZUGFeRD-compliant electronic invoices have become as simple and flexible as possible, ”emphasizes Dr. Bernd Wild. As one of the heads of the responsible working group in FeRD, standard conformity is a matter of course for him.