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Sign Live! cloud suite gears

Sign Live! cloud suite gears starter pack for Nextcloud

Starter pack for Nextcloud

  1. Digital, fast and direct
  2. Legal certainty in digital business transactions
  3. Independent of time and place

Would you like to start digitizing your documents and are already using Nextcloud for this? Are you still missing software with which you can sign electronically?

We have the right one Solution for her:

Sign Live! cloud suite gears as a starter package for our Nextcloud app

What is the Sign Live! Nextcloud app?

The Sign Live! Nextcloud App enables internal and external users to legally sign documents online with Sign Live! to sign cloud suite gears. 

How does this work?

With the app operators of Nextcloud platforms have Sign Live! cloud suite gears all connected trust services to be able to sign and seal documents easily, advanced and qualified.


See for yourself how quickly your document can be signed:

What is required for this?


Share and edit documents. As a complete on-premises solution, Nextcloud offers the benefits of online collaboration without the security risks.
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Sign Live! Nextcloud app

Provides the connection between Nextcloud and Sign Live! cloud suite gears ago. This means that all the functions of the gears platform are available.
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Sign Live! cloud suite gears

provides a range of functions for creating signatures, seals and timestamps that can be embedded in web applications.
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Product details

Sign Live! cloud suite gears starter pack for Nextcloud


€2.400,00 for 1.200 signatures

annually at no additional cost*

  Sign Live! cloud suite gears incl. 1.200 signatures per year

  SLcs gears use signature device remote signature

  Access to sign-me of D-Trust

  Incl. 1.200 qualified signatures (identifications according to price list)

  Service (once, max. 4h)

  Support in setting up sign-me access

  Installation and configuration of Sign Live! cloud suite gears and settings of the Sign Live! Nextcloud app

*additional costs are incurred depending on the identification according to the price list. | After 1.200 signatures have been used, each additional signature costs €2,00, billed at the end of the contract year.
All prices plus statutory USt.

Your advantages when using the Sign Live! Nextcloud app

Data security

Retain sovereignty over your data! With Sign Live! cloud suite gears, the documents do not leave your server.


Use eIDAS compliant trust service providers. Signature formats according to ETSI specifications CAdES, XAdES and PAdES

Device independent

Signature process for all devices through HTML5-enabled interface. No plug-in or app required on the user side*.

Remote signature services

The documents remain in your Nextcloud. Services such as sign-me, AIS and yes are possible. On all end devices and without an app.

Use of local certificates

Can be used with signature cards from various VDAs. There is a Windows certificate store and is compatible with Sign Live! cloud suite bridge.

Electronic seal

Can be used with a central qualified Seal card. Or with the AIS remote sealing service and the Qualified Seal ID.

Would you like to test it before you buy it?

Here you can register for the demo and immediately your first document in the reference system sign.