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ALL CARDS: Card blocked due to incorrect PIN entry

If you have entered the PIN incorrectly several times, the signature card will be blocked. Whether you can remove the block depends on the signature card used.

Some cards are blocked forever after entering the wrong PIN multiple times. In this case, you must apply for a new (replacement) signature card as the block cannot be removed.

For cards for which you have also received a PUK from TrustCenter, you can unlock the PIN entry again by entering the PUK (reset).
Please be aware:

  • As a rule, the reset can a maximum of ten times be performed.
  • It is also common for the reset to reset the PIN to the “old” value. You should therefore write down the PIN.
  • Those issued from January 2023 EHBA-TeleSec signature cards also behave in the same way.

With TeleSec signature cards, you assign a - usually 6-digit - SigG-PIN1 during initialization. You use this PIN for signature. You also assign a - usually 8-digit - SigG-PIN2. The PIN2 has the function of a PUK. You can find information about managing TeleSec PINs here.

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