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ALL CARDS: Card blocked due to incorrect PIN entry

If you enter the PIN incorrectly several times, the signature card will be blocked. Whether you can remove the block again depends on the signature card used.

Some cards are blocked forever after multiple incorrect PIN entries. In this case, you must apply for a new (replacement) signature card, since the blocking cannot be removed. For cards for which you have also received a PUK from TrustCenter, you can enable PIN entry again (reset) by entering the PUK.
Please notethat the reset in general a maximum of ten times can be carried out. It is also common for the reset to reset the PIN to the "old" value.

Those issued from January 2023 EHBA-TeleSec signature cards also behave in the same way.

With "normal" TeleSec signature cards, you assign a SigG PIN2 and a global PIN2 during initialization. These PIN2 have the function of a PUK. To restore the PIN that was blocked due to multiple incorrect entries, start Sign Live! CC and select the menu item "Tools > Smartcard Tools > Reset PIN". Follow the information in the dialogs.

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