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BNotK card: error message when logging on to the remote signature service

After entering the PIN, the following message is displayed

Error message:
error 401 calling service 'https://loging.bnotk.de/auth/reams/RemoteSignature/auth/tls', Unauthorized

Possible Cause:

  • Signature card blocked:
    This error message is displayed when access to the signature card is blocked by another application, for example GV software or online banking.
    Solution: Please close the third-party application completely (system tray) and restart the signature process.
  • Can not reach server:
    If the server of the Federal Chamber of Notaries is temporarily unavailable, the above message also appears. In this case, wait and start the signature process again later.

Error message:
No keys available

  • In this case, please ask the support of the Federal Chamber of Notaries whether your signature certificate has been created and is available.

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