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How do I install the software on Mac OS?

To install the software on an Apple MacOS system:

  1. Download the file with the extension ".dmg".
  2. If you have already installed the same version or a previous version of the application: Quit the application, if it is started.
  3. After double-clicking on the DMG file (the disk image), a virtual drive appears in the finder.
  4. Drag the application icon into the application directory.
  5. Check your installation.
  6. Start the installed application.

To install a patch to an existing version:

  1. Download the file with the extension ".dmg".
  2. Please make sure that the application "Sign Live! C.C.C” was started and stopped before installing the patch or exit the application if it was started.
  3. After double-clicking on the disk image, the appears Sign Live! C.C.C patcher app.
  4. Run Sign Live! C.C.C Double-click Patcher App.
  5. Check the version number displayed and confirm that you want to apply the patch.
  6. Choose the appropriate installation directory from Sign Live! C.C.C and start the installation.
  7. After installing the patch, a success message appears.
  8. Check your installation.
  9. Start the installed application.

For step-by-step instructions on downloading the software, installation and product activation, visit our Tutorials.

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