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ADDISON: Error message "wrong PIN" when querying an account

You are probably using a D-TRUST signature card. There are several certificates on the D-TRUST card. Among other things, a certificate for the qualified signature and one for advanced signature/authentication.

In the account query, the certificate for authentication used and therefore also requires the PIN for authentication.
If you get the error message "Incorrect PIN" when you query your account, you probably entered the PIN for signing instead of the PIN for authentication. Please note that these two PINs are usually different.

If you entered the wrong PIN more than 3 times, it was blocked. It is also possible that this has not yet been activated in principle.
In Sign Live! C.C.C you can use the menu item Tools > Smartcard Tools > PIN Management initialize (put into operation) or reset (a blocked PIN) the PINs.
In both cases, please note the PIN letter from the card manufacturer.

If the PIN of a D-TRUST card has been blocked due to multiple incorrect entries, it can maximum 10x on the old PIN be reset. Therefore, please make a note of the PINs you have assigned.

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