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D-TRUST card 5.x and Sign Live!

D-Trust has been issuing new generation 29.x signature cards since November 2023, 5.
You can sign with these signature cards

  • in Sign Live! CC from version 7.1.12
  • in Sign Live! cloud suite bridge from version 7.1.12
  • in Sign Live! cloud suite gears from version 8.12.1
    Restriction: PIN caching is not possible, i.e. PIN / CAN must be entered every time you restart.

The D-Trust card 5.x can only be initialized using the D-TRUST Card Assistant, which is provided to you by D-TRUST.

Our current recommendation:

  • In parallel to the D-Trust card 5.x, D-Trust continues to offer generation 4.1 signature cards and generation 4.4 seal cards.
  • If your signature or seal card is still valid, there is no need for action. If your signature or seal card is about to expire, we recommend that you purchase another Generation 4.1 signature card or Generation 4.4 seal card. These will be available until the end of August 2024.


  • These signature cards have a new technical structure and therefore require adapted signature handling and, in some cases, a firmware update on the card readers used. The card readers recommended by D-Trust can be found on the D-Trust overview page under the heading “Available additional components”.
    The card readers we tested are... data sheet documented.
  • In addition to the signature PIN, it is sometimes necessary to enter a so-called CAN. Please read carefully whether you are asked to enter the CAN or the signature PIN. Otherwise there is a risk that the card will be blocked accidentally due to incorrect entry.
  • Hardware support for the PACE protocol is required for secure PIN entry on the card reader. The REINER SCT RFID comfort, for example, offers this.
  • For card readers that only support the PACE protocol on the hardware side (e.g. REINER SCT RFID-comfort), PIN caching and insecure PIN entry are no longer possible. PIN caching is very often used in mass signature processes.
  • Please note that a firmware update may be required to use REINER SCT RFID comfort. Instructions and the required driver can be found on the REINER SCT website here.
  • Card readers that do not support RFID usually do not support the PACE protocol of the D-Trust card 5.x. Therefore, for these card readers, when using the D-Trust card 5.x, Sign Live! CC secure PIN entry can be switched off.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE about the REINER SCT RFID standard:
    Please only use the REINER SCT RFID standard after consulting with us. You can reach us by email at support@intarsys.de.

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