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MAC OS X: Applying a hotfix (zip file)

A hotfix too Sign Live! C.C.C is provided as a ZIP file. To install the hotfix, the zip file must be extracted and the file(s) it contains copied to a specific directory. This FAQ explains how to get the files into the application directory of Sign Live! C.C.C be copied.

Please note the information in the hotfix about the directory to which the files should be copied.

  • If open, exit Sign Live! C.C.C
  • For example, save the zip file to the desktop
  • Double click on the zip file. This is automatically unpacked and the unpacked folders and files are made available
  • Navigate to using the Finder Program, Mark your choiche Sign Live! C.C.C, Open the context menu and choose Show package contents. The "Contents" folder is displayed
  • Open the folders Contents/Resources
  • Copy the unzipped folders and files - which were made available in the previous step - into this folder or into the folder specified in the hotfix
  • Launch Sign Live! CC new

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