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MAC OS X: Sign Live updated! CC

  • Information about current versions (updates) is provided via newsletters. With the appropriate setting, an update check is carried out on the software side. The update is not installed automatically.
  • Please note:
  • If you use our software in connection with third-party software, please inquire advance at the manufacturer whether the update is to be carried out.
  • The license is usually inherited within a master release. A new license is required when changing the master release. In any case, please note the release notes.
  • If you obtained the software from one of our partners, you will normally be informed accordingly by this partner.
  • Since January 01.01.2019st, XNUMX, our licenses have generally been so-called term licenses with a defined expiry date. Until this expiration date the update to the current version is free of charge
  • Please check whether the manufacturer of your card reader provides drivers for MAC.
    The company's card reader drivers PURE SCT are here available.
  • You can find a list of the signature cards and card readers that we have tested in the Sign Live! CC data sheet.

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