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SIGN: signature / timestamp of large files (Java heap space)

Documents are saved in Sign Live! CC signed in "Trusted Mode". This requires additional memory and can cause large files Error message "...Java heap space" to lead
To sign large files, the Sign Live! C.C.C "Trusted Mode" can be switched off. When the file is opened, "All files (*.*)" is set as the file type.

How to sign large files with Sign Live! C.C.C:

  • Via menu item "Tools> Settings> Trusted Mode" check box "Ensure document integrity" deactivate.
  • Sign Live! Reboot CC.
  • With menu item "File> Open" the file with Sign Live! Open CC. Please set "All files (*.*)" as the file type.
     The file is opened (recognizable by the fact that the file name is displayed in the tab), but not displayed (message: The content of the document cannot be displayed because the document format is unknown).
  • Via symbol or menu item "Tools> Signature functions> Sign document" start the signing process. During the signing process, the file can be time-stamped if the time-stamp is set up. A PKCS#7 signature is generated.

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