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TeleSec: Error message when initializing PIN2

There are 4 PINs on a TeleSec signature card, which you all assign individually. Please make a note of all assigned PINs and keep this information in a safe place.

SignG PIN 1 (for qualified signature) – with this PIN you execute the qualified signature.

Global PIN 1 (for encryption and authentication) – you use this PIN to encrypt documents or log on to a portal.

SignG PIN 2 and  Global PIN 2 you will need if you have blocked the respective PIN 1 by entering it incorrectly several times. This is comparable to a PUK, with the difference that you also assign the PIN2 yourself.

So why is it that PIN 2 cannot be initialized with the message “The card reader... is not supported”?

Card reader security is divided into classes. The card reader you are using probably has maximum security class II and supports it in combination with the signature card used save secure PIN entry.

Please disable in Sign Live! C.C.C via menu item EXTRAS > Settings secure PIN entry.
We strongly recommend using a card reader certified by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security). The card readers we tested can be found in our data sheet.

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