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Connection to the card reader is lost (Windows Server 2022)

Error Description:

Smart cards connected to the client via the current UMDF2 driver are not recognized by Microsoft Windows Server 2022.

Solution for locally connected smart cards:

Please select the working driver directly in the device manager Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard reader (WUDF) instead of the UMDF2 version.

Solution when using smart cards via a SEH UTN server:

Under certain conditions the smart card cannot be activated in the SEH UTN Manager.
In this case, the USB enumeration files in the registry must be adjusted.

  1. On Windows Server 2022, open the Registry Editor
  2. Go to the Smartcard USB entry
  3. Identify the USB entry (folder) of the problematic smart card using the manufacturer and product ID. The subfolder is labeled with the smart card's serial number.
  4. In this folder, use the context menu (NEW/String) to add a new character set value with the name “LowerFilters” and the entry “WinUsb” .

The smartcard now remains active after it has been connected via the SEH UTN Manager. The error can now be resolved as described under “Solution for locally connected smart cards” described – can be remedied.

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