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TRUST LISTS (TL): update – Workplace

When trust centers switch to a new PKI infrastructure, it may happen that signatures or timestamps created with very new signature cards/certificates are not validly validated. This is due to the fact that the new Trusted Lists (TL) and/or Root CAs (root certificates) were not yet implemented at the time our software was released.
The Update of the trust lists in Sign Live! C.C.C these signatures are validated again.

We will inform you by email as soon as we receive relevant information from a trust center. Each user is responsible for maintaining current certificates.

Via menu item Tools> Certificates> Update Trust Lists trigger the update of the trust lists manually.

If the update is not possible or aborts with an error message, please check:

  • The Internet connection
  • Whether the virus scanner blocks the updating of the trusted lists
  • Whether the firewall blocks the updating of the trusted lists

If the update is still not possible, please send a description of the error and the current log file an support@intarsys.de.

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